LED treatment

LED-light skin treatment / LED phototherapy

– a way to improve a wide range of skin imperfections 

Phototherapy is based on the action of light of a certain wavelength via LEDs. Light is absorbed on a cellular level, which has a significant effect on the skin. In addition, light LED therapy has been well-assessed for its favourable effects on the psyche, which are particularly appreciated in the autumn and winter months.

Recommended number of treatments: In view of the fact that the method is quite gentle, it can be carried out up to three times a week (with an interval of at least 48 hours); a programme involving 10 visits is recommended especially for mature complexions. Phototherapy can be undergone separately but can also be combined with other beauty procedures to boost results. 



AN LED LIGHT FACE MASK SKIN instrument for all face treatments (reduction of wrinkles, acne, spots or reddening, regeneration and rejuvenation, making the results of manual or instrumental cosmetic treatment more effective). An LED mask can be used to rejuvenate the complexion or alleviate pain. It increases blood flow, boosts the healing of scars and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It treats acne at both mild and advanced stages. It is also efficient as follow-up care after laser or needle treatment. Its application is non-invasive and painless, and no side effects are known.

10 minutes          Price: CZK 100         10-treatment package:   CZK 800 (= CZK 80/1 treatment)
20 minutes          Price: CZK 170       10-treatment package:   CZK 1,300 (=CZK 130/1 treatment)



An instrument known for its “magical light effects” thanks to biologically active cold light which does not produce large amounts of heat. It exploits the energy of a frequency of low wavelengths and unique optical technology for skin care. It has no side effects. It is a specialist cosmetic instrument providing skin treatment suitable for all types of skin. Individual types of LED light stimulate the production of collagen, increase the elasticity of the skin and play an important role in its rejuvenation. They considerably help the regeneration and recovery of problematic or acneic skin, accelerate healing and reduce inflammatory processes, they have whitening effects on spots and they level the skin. This instrument makes it possible to treat larger areas (face + neck, décolletage) but also problematic areas elsewhere on the body. 


10 minutes                      Price: CZK 120          10-treatment package:    CZK 950 (= CZK 95/1 treatment)
20 minutes                      Price: CZK 200          10-treatment package:    CZK 1,600 (=CZK 160/1 treatment)