Gift Vouchers

A present suitable for both men and women. Make you loved ones happy with ‘holiday ticket’ to professional and careful care for health and beauty!


We issue gift vouchers:

- for services you choose and in the amount you decide
- you can select any service of Sanatorium Europa, including medical ones
- it is possible to issue a voucher for a financial amount you specify and the owner of the voucher can select services themselves
- payment possible by company or union benefits

Validity of vouchers: 12 months after their purchase, in case of services purchased for promotional prices the validity is 3 months


Gift voucher conditions of use:

a) gift vouchers are securities which are issued by Sanatorium Europa (Victory Media a. s.)
b) a gift voucher contains a validity date and a service that can be purchased with it, or a financial amount equal to the value of the voucher
c) after the expiry of the validity period the voucher expires without a right for compensation
d) the validity period of a voucher may be extended only prior its expiry date to the maximum of 3 months
e) gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash
f) a gift voucher issued for a financial amount may be used repeatedly until its whole value is used
g) compensation may not be claimed if the whole amount stated on a gift voucher, or a full value of a service stated on a gift voucher are not used
h) the seller does not bear any responsibility for lost or misused gift vouchers
i) modification, copying or other forms of improper use of gift vouchers are crimes. (If the seller is in doubts in connection with the genuineness of a gift voucher used for a purchase, he reserves the right to delay the execution of the order until the genuineness of the voucher is verified with the buyer of the voucher)
j) the owner’s name is not indicated on the voucher (unless the buyer wishes otherwise), it can be used by the person, who presents it at the place of performance
k) it is necessary to book a time for the services in advance