1. Queen Cleopatra’s Bath

This bath instantly becomes sensual, sweet scented and relaxing- it evokes Cleopatra’s bath in donkey milk. Numerous studies confirm improvement in psychical stamina, increase of ability to recover and concentrate and creativity. It has deep cleansing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effects, improves the protective barrier of the skin and adds brightness to your skin.

The holly waterlily included in this bath is used as a tranquilizer to fight insomnia, overwork and stress

It includes: brown sea-weed extract and holly waterlily

Duration: 30 mins 400 CZK


2. Essential oil baths

- Detoxification bath

This bath will make you as light as the air. It will remove toxins from your body, relax your mind, relieve sore joints and stimulate flow of liquids.

It includes: sallal, basil, carrot, cabrevua wood

Duration: 30 mins 350 CZK


- Contouring bath

This bath supports body shape improvement. Scientific results prove its effects on removal of fats.

It include: Moroccan cedar, spearmint, cardamom, juniper berries

Duration: 30 mins 400 CZK


- Relaxing bath

This bath relieves tension, removes stress and supplies positive energy.

It includes: lavender, magnolia, Roman chamomile, bitter orange

Duration: 30 mins 350 CZK


3. Healing sea-weed bath

The sea-weed bath supplies your body with the necessary minerals, detoxifies and activates the slimming process. It accelerates blood circulation, metabolism and relieves pain.

It brings relaxation and relief.

This product is entered in the medical registry and medical science confirmed its effects on psoriasis, eczemas and skin problems.

Duration: 30 mins 300 CZK


4. Traditional Egyptian bath

This bath helps relieve pain in joints, remove toxins from your body, increases vitality and has positive effects on the nervous system.

It includes: bloom of Sudanese hibiscus, jasmine, hawthorn

Duration: 30 mins 200 CZK


 5. Rose bath

The bath is relaxing and slightly aphrodisiac, brings on good mood and removes both mental and muscular tension = according to the Bali island.

It includes: rose petals, rose oil, sandal wood, coconut oil.

Duration: 30 mins 300 CZK



6. Hop bath



Anti-stress bath, highly relaxing, supports metabolism, calms gastro problems


It includes: real hop, mellisa


Duration: 30 mins 300 CZK