Nail straightening

The method, which is offered by a trained professional in Sanatorium Europa, is a new unique patented system of wire nail braces PODOPHARM TM for painless and non-invasive treatment of ingrown and deformed nails.

Wire nail braces PODOPHARM® are certified as temporary implant, therefore they don’t cause an allergic reaction (a type of surgical steel used for orthopaedic implants of 316L category). A great advantage of the nail braces is their simple application, confirmed effects and firmer fixation loop system. Wire types for all kinds of nails are available (0.3 mm – children’s nails, 0.4 mm medium and 0.5 for hard, deformed nails). The recommended duration of wear is about 12 months.



Price for one toe 450 CZK
Price for both toes 840 CZK

Displacement of nail braces:

Price for one toe250 CZK
Price for both toes440 CZK

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