Ancient massage

Very pleasant and effective holistic massage based on still acknowledged methods of medical doctors in Ancient Greece (Hippocrates and his school), who considered massages integral part of medicine and emphasised the significant preventive effects of body massage.


Ancient massage consists of several phases and combines several techniques:


1. ‘Dry’ massage uses targeted pressure and vibrations which aim to start ‘passive body mobilization’, relief and perfusion.

 2. Massage with magnesium powder using soft brushes follows the natural muscle structure. It aims to stimulate the skin microcirculation, which is a process that brings comfort and the feeling of rejuvenation of the body. The magnesium powder keeps ideal body temperature and the fine absorption of magnesium has positive effect on the correct functioning of muscles and nerves and reduces symptoms of tiredness

3. Almond oil massage combines classical and reflexive massage of the back, including massage by one vacuum cup or a lava stone (Hippocrates was convinced that cold spots of the body may be ill and it is necessary to warm them). Almond oil significantly improves skin quality but does not leave greasy feeling on your body.


The massage of the back is followed by oil massage of the feet and stomach.


The masseur gently wipes away the excess oil with a flat wooden tool, which creates another effective massaging movement.


4. The whole procedure is finished by head massage, which was called ‘rubbing of sadness’ in the ancient times because it positively influences the serotonin levels and brings pleasant feelings.



30 mins (back + neck + arms): 350 CZK

60 mins (whole body): 600 CZK

90 mins (whole body): 850 CZK