Lava stones

- Special massaging technique that works with the heat of lava stones – removes stress and tension and loosens the body and mind for a long time
- Relieves pain in joints, tired muscles, back pains or stiffness in the area of cervical spine, loosens stiff muscles, knots, spasms
- It helps with rheumatism, spasms, sleep problems, headache etc.
- Application of lava stones restores the energy of the whole body, which accelerates metabolism
- The relaxing effect of the massage improves mental condition, effectively soothes the organism exposed to long-term stress and strain




Neck (15 mins) 105 CZK
Arms (15 mins)
105 CZK
Back+neck (30 mins)
280 CZK
Arms+neck (30 mins)
280 CZK
Feet (30 mins)
280 CZK
Whole body (60 mins)
480 CZK
Whole body (90 mins)
680 CZK