Dermatology – phleboid

MUDr. Alexandr Moróc


Specialises in: phlebology (prevention, diagnostics and treatment of varicose veins and spider veins), laser techniques, corrective dermatology

In practice, he has focused for a long time on dermatological phlebology, venerology, histopathology and phototherapy. He completed a training course focused on phlebology at a university centre in Prague and also a training course of laser techniques in Prague. He trained at a university department in Halle /Germany/. He completed an internship at a dermatology clinic in Israel, where he learned about the latest treatment methods for skin conditions. He lectured at congresses in Jerusalem and Amsterodam. His publishing activities focus on phlebology and venerology.


Phlebological examination
(examination of vein functioning and determination of suitable therapy)

Entry and diagnostic vascular examination using DOPPLER device 1,700 CZK / 68 €

Sclerosing - used vial and material 500 CZK / 20 €