Complex examination, check-ups (diagnostics of naevuses etc.), aesthetic and corrective dermatology, vascular problems, examination and treatment of hair diseases


Our medical doctors:

Prim. em. MUDr. Hana Duchková, DrSc.

/Head of Research Department of European Dermatology Academy in Teplice/

Specialises in: skin tumours, hair diseases, psoriasis, cosmetology, eczemas, fillings.
Extensive research work, dissertation defence at Charles University in Prague after submitting 70 research papers published in CSR and abroad, especially in Holland. She completed a long-term internship in Rome (Gemelli policlinic), which included lecturing. She lectures – usually in the form of posters – in Europe and Canada. Together with MUDr. I. Žampachová,she was the first in the Czech Republic who implemented a modern hair-loss treatment – mesotherapy. Her research paper on this topic (‘Alternative treatment of androgenetic alopecia’) was published in Slovakia in 2013. The method and the video was presented to residents in Prague in 2013. At present, she practices stem cell application not only into the scalp but also the face (rejuvenation).

Prim. em. MUDr. Libuše Němcová

Specialises in: corrective and aesthetic dermatology, dermatosurgery, dermatological phlebology and chemical peelings, fillings and botox.

She is an expert on corrective and aesthetic dermatoogy, dermatosurgery and phlebology. She is a member of Dermatovenerological Society and Corrective Dermatology and has long-term experience as the Head of Dermatology Department of Teplice Hospital. Work experience in Peine, Germany (1991) and completed also courses on: fillings, botox, fine thread contour therapy, laser application.

MUDr. Marta Hašková

Specialises in: cosmetology, acne treatment, skin tumour diagnostics and therapy, chemical peelings, fillings.
Specialised work experience in Germany at the prestigious clinic in Dortmund, where she trained in photobiology and testing of cosmetics and pharmacs before their clinical use. Her long stay at Plastic Surgery Clinic in Prague contributed to her precise performance of both simple and complicated surgical operations. She uses her quality skills when applying peeling not only to those with subsiding acne symptoms but also when removing undesirable pigmentation and skin irregularities. Many years of experience in the field of skin tumours, especially the malignant melanoma, allows more precise diagnosis of brown manifestations and consequent care after the diagnosis of the tumour. She uses computer precising method for melanoma diagnostics.

Price list:

Complex entry examination and setting of a treatment plan for children and adults, education of children’s parents 350 CZK / 14 €

Screening examination 300 CZK / 12 €

Examination using microderm VISIODERM device

Diagnostics of 1st mole 500 CZK / 20 €

Diagnostics of another mole 250 CZK / 10 €

Examination using microderm HAIR device
Hair loss (alopecia)

Diagnostics of hair loss type, monitoring of the treatment results 1 000 CZK / 40 €

IPL (intense pulse light) treatment – NOVA PLUS with cooling
Painless and permanent undesirable hair removal

Epilation – above the upper lip 1 000 CZK / 40 €
Lower lip 1,000 CZK / 40 €
Chin 2,000 CZK / 80 €
Chin and throat 3,500 CZK / 140 €
Chin and the adjoining face parts 4 500 CZK / 180 €
Abdomen 4,500 CZK / 180 €
Buttocks 3,800 CZK / 152 €
Back of the hand 2,500 CZK / 100 €
Complete upper limbs 8,000 CZK / 320 €
Lower limbs (calves or thighs) 8,000 CZK / 320 €
Complete lower limbs 14,000 CZK / 560 €
Back (according to the area of the hair) from 10,000 CZK

IPL intense pulse light (first rejuvenation program)

Small wrinkles around the eyes and on cheeks from 500 CZK / 20 €
Abdominal scars (usually after birth) from 500 CZK / 20 €

IPL intense pulse light (second program)

Removal of pigment spots, small veins and similar manifestations from 500 CZK / 20 €

(destruction, removal using electricity)

Spider nevus, spider veins, small warts, single hairs from 300 CZK / 12 €

Curettage (removal of growths with a sharp spoon)
Warts, verrucas (verrucae seborhoicae)

Removal with a surgical spoon or a curettage 1-3 growths 250 CZK / 10 €
Removal with a surgical spoon or a curettage more than 3 growths from 250 CZK / 10 €
Removal with a surgical spoon or a curettage more than 5 growths from 1,000 CZK / 40 €

Local anaesthesia

Anaesthetic (by amount) 50-100 CZK / 2- 4 €
Material (injections, needles, disinfection) 100 CZK / 4 €
Application of EMLA cream (local desensitization) 100-300 CZK / 4-12 €
Kryo spray anaesthesia 100 CZK / 4 €

Surgical removal of nevus and other skin growths

Skin excision small up to 1.5 cm 1 000 CZK / 40 €
Skin excision large over 1.5 cm 1 300 CZK / 52 €
Every next growth excision 750 CZK / 30 €
Histologic examination up to 1.5 cm from 650 CZK / 26 €
Histologic examination over 2 cm 1,000 CZK / 40 €

Biostimulating soft laser
(support of hair growth, easement of sore cold process, keloids /only supportive treatment/)

Treatment 5 mins 50 CZK / 2 €
Treatment 10 mins 100 CZK / 4 €