Kinesiotaping (Elastic therapeutic taping)

Efficient help for:

  • Spine, muscle, joint and tendon pain.
  • Poor posture, scoliosis, arthrosis. 
  • Prevention, acute treatment and follow-up treatment of problems related to strains and sports.
  • Headaches.
  • Menstruation pain.
  • Injuries, swellings, haematoma.
  • Treatment and healing of scars.
  • Improving blood and lymphatic flow.
  • Convalescence, rehabilitation.
  • Other problems involving movement, compression and insertions.

+ Prolongs the effects of massages and stabilises relaxed blockages.


Basic consultation + information about pricing: free of charge
Small taping: CZK 80 + CZK 1.50/1 cm of tape
Smaller extent of taping (a single body area):  CZK 130 + CZK 1.50/1 cm of tape
Larger extent of taping (more body areas):  CZK 230 + CZK 1.50/1 cm of tape